We would like to welcome you to take a look at our web site, or our place, located just south of Dickinson, North Dakota. Our family have been “horse” people all of our lives. The Hansen name is synonymous with rodeo and ranching. It has been for generations, and continues to be so.

Our motto has always been “We Raise’em to Ride’em”. Being well-mounted has been a family tradition. From our immediate family which includes Circuit and National Champions, to relatives we have mounted that have gone on to win National and Collegiate titles on horses we have produced. There are a ton of great cowboys around the world, and a title comes down to one basic thing, whoever gets there first wins.

As you page through our site, you will see the accomplishments of our family, and maybe more importantly, the accomplishment of horses we have raised and trained. To us, as ranchers as well as competitors, we want a quiet horse that can run. A horse that can cut a cow from the herd as well as turn a barrel. We want a horse that rides easy, runs fast, and is smart enough to know when to do it.

 We hope you enjoy seeing our horses as much as we enjoy raising them! If you are ever in the country stop by and visit. Every day is spent working with horses and the coffee is always on!

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